Take That Leap

I’ve spent the past 2 1/2 years searching for my “next thing”. I promised myself after my stroke that I did not want to do anything that I’d done before.

The first year of my recovery, it was easy to get out and do things that I had been putting off. The second year, I began to pressure myself to figure “it” out. So, I went back to what I knew; back to a familiar job, familiar habits and put my relationships on auto again. Now, going into my third year, I am determined to shake off the known and get uncomfortable again.

It IS a Journey Not a Destination

These past 2 1/2 years have been a work in progress.

I’ve run head first back into life, scrambled back to the familiar and transcended to the present.

I think I am finally am starting to “get it”. Understanding myself and what “sets my soul on fire”. This doesn’t mean that my life is one grand adventure after another – I still clean the bathroom, grocery shop, do dishes and all the chores that go with life, but I’ve learned to find joy in these tasks. I’ve made peace with myself, which has led to being more decisive and joyful. I think maybe, just maybe, my purpose is finally showing itself to me.

“This is like me”

Today, and every day I practice being “all in”. No matter what I’m doing I am 100% committed to it.

I can now visualize myself reaching my goals. And you know what? That is totally working for me! I’m paying attention to the things I do that that are “like me” and what is “not like me”. I have also learned there are some core parts of me that are non-negotiable. Understanding this has freed me up to be mindful, have purpose, take some leaps and if necessary, embrace the suck.

What is Working for Me

Here are the things working for me right now.

  • Working out with my tribe at Kaia FIT
  • Hiking on my own, with Mr. Fantastic & with friends
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Cooking and eating plant-based
  • Embracing my power words
    • Strong
    • Grateful
    • Resilient
  • These podcasts: The Good Life Project; Wild Ideas Worth Living
Me & Luke getting out in the Boise foothills

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