The Next 50

In this, my full 50th year on the planet I’ve been toying around with doing 50 things I have not done before.

I had the idea back in December to do 50 things I have never tried, completed or experienced before. I couldn’t commit to a timeline initially – late winter is just not my most productive season. However, based on my list so far this idea is morphing into 50 things to do, see, learn and experience in my next 50 years!

Looking for inspiration on the webernet I’m seeing some lists where I have checked off many of the things on them already. Other lists involve extensive travel – thus time and money. I’m looking for more of the routine things that maybe I’ve maybe been putting off, I didn’t want to do “by myself” or I thought “I’m no good at” with a few travel destinations thrown in.

So, I am working up my list now. It’s harder then I thought it would be to come up with 50 things.  It’s been a self-realizing exercise because I’ve actually done a lot of things in my life – I’ve been extremely lucky and I’m grateful for all my experiences, good and bad.

Last week I did check one off – I went to a political rally.

Last Thursday I attended the “Close the Gap” rally at the state capitol. I wore one of their shirts proclaiming I am an “Idaho Health Care Voter”. While I was just a person there supporting the cause there were doctors and people with heart wrenching stories to tell their legislators and the Governor. Listen up elect-eds – this is critical information from your constituents!  I learned that showing up and participating is important. If there is an issue you care about show up and let your voice be heard. Can’t get off work? Can’t find a babysitter? Bring your kids, then make that phone call or write that email/letter – these things only take a few minutes of your time and often there is a script or from letter for you to use or base your comments from.

I learned it DOES matter that people show up and support a cause. Figure out what matters to you and by golly stand up for it and let your voice be heard!

This week – Photography Class

This week I’m on for a two day photography class. I’m excited to learn how to  take better pictures to share with you here.  My goal is to learn the tools to have the confidence to use and practice the different settings on my camera in order to take beautiful pictures that help tell a story.

Stay-tuned progress and productiveness is happening now!

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