Evolving Habits

I’m so happy that I am finally taking control of my life and evolving or maybe I’m just finally maturing?

Either way, I’m loving incorporating plant-based eating more and more in our lives. I’ve also increased my bulk shopping thus reducing some of those pesky plastic bags and containers – a bonus to this is I’m saving on our food bill.

I love the way I feel eating plant-based.  I have more energy and my insides are way happier. Sometimes I do miss some more traditional dishes but the webernet has got me  covered for most cravings. Most of the hard work has been done and there are skads of  plant-based indulgent recipes out there.

Here are a few indulgent staples for us:

What and Where

Paying attention to what and where ingredients come from is also a piece of this puzzle for me. I now focus most of my shopping at the bulk bins at our Winco and co-op, some items I get from Whole Foods and I also get many items from farm stands or the weekly farmers market. I purchased some additional bulk bags so that I always have some that are dedicated for shopping and some that are just for storing veggies.

My success has come from transitioning one thing at a time. I got overwhelmed when I tried to do it all at once.  It really IS all about what works for you and if you want to make this work it just takes a little planning.

I did splurge on some fresh organic blackberries and strawberries that were on sale. They were packed in those plastic clam-shell containers that are not recyclable but on the other hand I used my jars and bulk bags for 10 other items. I’m learning that it’s OK not to be perfect.

Plant-Based, Vegan & Zero Waste Resources

These blogs and podcasts have helped me come somewhat to grips with some of the guilt I feel when I can’t do something perfectly or I have to buy things in plastic. Every little thing I do does make a difference and I feel good doing what I can.

I am loving trying, doing and learning new things

My mornings go better after yoga and meditation – I don’t even mind the traffic (most days)!  My energy is transformed and I see how this as a daily practice will maintain the calm and happiness that I am feeling. I love the small victories that I am experiencing and it is motivating me to stay on track.

To jump into meditation I used the Deepak Chopra and Oprah 21 day free experience, shedding the weight – mind, body and spirit.  I already knew about and liked Deepak and it paired well with my 30 day yoga challenge and it was a free, easy way to try meditation. I will be continuing  to add both mediation and yoga into my daily routine.

In being more mindful I’m learning to flip my words.  For example instead of “I have to”  I now say “I get to” and instead of sorry or I’m sorry I say thanks or thank you (and sometimes you don’t need to say anything). For example instead of saying to someone you are meeting “I’m sorry I’m late” say “thank you for waiting for me”.

Here are a handful of my favorite inspirations –

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