Just Blogging Along

I’ve spent the past week obsessing over trying to fix this blog to function better. I think I “get it” but it doesn’t quite do what I need it to do. I may have had a light bulb moment this morning scouring through the WordPress help threads and Google. I do see that I’m not the only one having this issue and I’m pretty sure there is just one little thing that’s not clicking for me.

I’m also trying to decide what to do with my initial blog project. I have been copying the same post (just the last 2 postings are the same on both blogs). There are some things I really like about my first attempt. Click link HERE to have a look see.

In this obsession, I have not tried very many new things. The only thing I’ve created that was new is vegan red lentil dahl and roti bread to go with. I will definitely try the dahl again (another recipe). As for the roti bread, nope, not going to make that. The internet had quite a variety of recipes and I chose one that, while it turned out, was not worth the effort or the calories. The Naan I made months ago was way better and just as easy.

Home improvement projects get rolling this week. (we are not DIY’ers we prefer to pay other people to mess up our house). Our yard is getting a mini-makeover starting on Friday. More like a make-under. I am replacing some invasive plants with some that will not cause any problems elsewhere and will hopefully still look good and attract the bees. We are also adding a tree for shade (in the future) on our west facing patio. In the summer there are certain times of the day you cannot go out there for fear of being incinerated.

The yard gets finished up on Monday as the interior is getting a fresh coat! I am excited to get all the window trim painted a lighter complimentary color. Currently, our trim is the same color as the walls courtesy of the previous owners. I’m used to it now so I fully expect to think the trim will look weird once this is completed. We also have a new rug and blinds on order for the family room.

We did get a new dining room table (an upgrade from Mr. Fantasitc’s college table). It is different for us and Miss Herbivore is protesting it and won’t sit at it – something about getting rid of all her childhood memories. She has been taking all her meals at the kitchen island (eye roll, but whatever).

I’m still totally loving my 30 day yoga challenge!  The day I skipped it I ended up a grump and had to put myself in time out. I also stepped up my general workouts thanks to better weather and dry trails!

This post is just my ramblings and not focused on my mission for this blog but as this blog is very a much a work in progress I think that this post is a-ok!


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