Self-Care, Rest Days & Mindfulness

In my quest to be healthy I often push myself like I’m still 20-something. My brain thinks not that much has changed. HA! My body knows different.

My 50 year-old fairly fit body needs recovery days in order to get stronger, it does seem a bit counter-intuitive to me. Yesterday, I had no choice but to take a rest day. I was exhausted, sore and just plain under the weather.

I was a bit discouraged but it gave me the opportunity to look at what’s working and what’s not. I noticed that I have strayed from being present in the task I’m doing. My mind has, once again, started racing around to all the things I could be or should be doing instead of focusing on what I am doing. This realization was a light bulb moment – my kitchen fails, not checking things off my to-do list (or even making a list), and feeling disorganized and frazzled – were the result of me not being present and mindful.

I have learned that being disorganized for me is paralyzing. I don’t accomplish much when I just float through my day like a jelly fish not knowing which thing to focus on and floating on to something else to wonder what I should be focusing on only to be continuously distracted.

So, a rest day was not only the perfect remedy for my muscles but for my mind – letting me plug back into what’s right for me.

Today I’m back in control and I feel energized and productive. My list is working for me today!

  • Work out √
  • Photography and Photoshop skills √
  • Blog  √
  • house chores (my actual list has the details which are critical for me or I’ll skip it)
  • Prep dinner
  • Make muffins to have on hand √
  • Get to my
    • eye appointment
    • Photoshop class

Taking a breath from our hurry-up, stay busy, judgmental culture ended up being just what I needed to re-connect to what really matters for me!

lavendar and bee psd
Photo I took today


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