Challenge of the Day

Acting like I want to feel has been put to the test today.

So, my day started just how I wanted. Up early, ate a quick, healthy breakfast of no-cook overnight steel-cut oats with fresh, local blackberries, got in a workout and a dog walk.

As my day unfolded I was met (as we all are) with several challenges. My quest for today is how do I act like I want to feel when people around me are having bad days or are just not their best selves? The random rude encounter or negative vibe can definitely color my day or at least my moment.  While nothing has happened to me (today) life is constantly coming at me – the good, the bad and the meh.

Today, I explored how to not let other’s bad moods, behavior and low energy affect me.

Basically, I need to remember to just stop and put things in perspective. Take a beat and don’t automatically react as someone else’s bad judgement or mood comes barreling at me. Other people’s moods and reactions are about them and not about me. I am the only one in control of how I feel and how I respond to what’s coming at me. Staying focused on my positive energy and  remembering that whatever is going is only happening for a brief amount of time – let it wash over me and then move on with my day.

By being mindful of how I respond to a negative event – someone being rude, an aggressive driver, a friend ignoring me, unfriendly people on the trail etc. – I will calmly acknowledge it, realize and accept that it’s not about me and get on with my happy day. Remember we are all doing the best we can and some days truly are harder so don’t take things personally!

Marianne Williamson quote copy jjk photo

Winnie is definitely focused on what is right! That’s the face of a happy dog!


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