I’m finishing up my packing, making some plant-based staples to have with me – Mr. Fantastic did smoke some steelhead trout (one of his super powers) for me to take – I won’t be entirely plant-based on this trip but it will still be my focus.  We will see what kind of tasty eats I can discover in the Driggs area!

As I was getting in the adventure spirit today,  I listened to one my favorite podcasts – She Explores. After listening to episode 79, Grandma’s Ride, I am glad that I am heading out  on an adventure (I am also happy that we let Miss Herbivore go out on her own adventure too). On this episode, Taryn, of Happiest Outdoors, interviews her grandmother, Carol.  Having a few days off from the factory, making airplanes during World War II, Carol and a female friend, wanting a vacation, set out on an “ordinary adventure”. They secured their suitcases to their single speed bikes and proceeded to ride from their home in Vancouver BC to Vancouver Island. It’s a fantastic story and a reminder to make time for yourself to get out there, and find out the stories of loved ones – you might be surprised and inspired by the adventures they’ve had!

I quite like the idea of an “ordinary adventure”. I like the idea that you don’t have to train for months, spend a ton of money on travel or have the latest high-tech gear to get out and have a grand adventure.

Below are some links if you’re looking for compelling reasons for adventures and traveling. Remember it doesn’t have to be an exotic location or 2 week odyssey. An adventure is something that is challenging and takes us out of our ordinary lives. It could be as simple as trying that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, talking to someone new, attending a festival or concert in your town OR taking that trip you’ve always wanted to do. What fits your definition of adventure?

Prefer to do some adventuring via a good book?  Here are some of my all time favorite reads!

  • Running the Amazon, Joe Kane
  • A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush, Eric Newby
  • Wild, Cheryl Strayed
  • Points Unknown, The Greatest Adventure Writing of the Twentieth Century, David Roberts
  • A Walk in the Woods, Bill Bryson
  • The Best of Outside, The First 20 Years, various authors

Listen to the She Explores episode here on the website and enjoy the wonderful pictures of  Carol’s “ordinary adventure”.

Stay tuned for my stories from the road and watch my Instagram feed for photos!

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