The Food Journal

One of my goals for this BRIK session is to finally commit to keeping an honest food journal.

I am working on the habit of writing everything down either as I’m consuming it or at least right after I eat. It’s hard to remember and accept some of those extra nibbles (and drinks). I’m already learning that those extra nibbles just might be at the root of the problem I’d like to solve. That and letting myself get too hungry between some of my meals. (This also translates to being unprepared)!

That little bit of insight has inspired and motivated me to keep working at it and to be more diligent. There are plenty of studies that support the positives of keeping a food journal. My goal for this week is to also start noting what I am doing when I am eating and how I am feeling.

food journalThere is no need for a fancy journal to keep your notes in – unless that will motivate you and keep you accountable. I dedicated an old (but unused) notebook for my journal.  There is no shortage of tools out there to help you food journal – hello, internet. You just have to decide what tools work for you and what your goals are.

I’ve tried a few of the apps. I was turned off because I thought it was too hard to put in all the ingredients for the recipes I  was cooking. I was never sure I was getting accurate calorie and nutrition information. At the time they were more geared to convenience and prepared foods and not so much for scratch cooking. They probably work much better now then when I was trying to use them. However, I’m sticking with my old school notebook and pencil.

Another great part of KaiaFit is the nutrition program.  I’ve learned how to fuel my body so that I am strong and have the energy for the life I want to live. (This knowledge also gave me a leg up in my recovery process). We get a ton of nutrition support with a registered dietitian and coaches who will look at our journals and help out as wanted. Additionally, there is a KaiaFit Cookbook full of  whole food recipes, we have soup and salad exchanges during detox week. In other words, this place is much more than just a gym!

Here are a few food journaling articles and resources


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