On the road to reach my health goals (any goal really) I can find myself slipping back into familiar habits or sometimes (like this past week) life throws me some unexpected challenges that I need to work around (or not).

At the end of last week:

  • I crashed on my bike. Leaving me beat up and SORE but OK.
  • Attended several unplanned social outings involving food and alcohol
  • I ate meals out 4 out of 3 days
  • I was HUNGRY

I did some reading up on how to handle setbacks. I learned that the critical part of setbacks is to not let them derail you.

Re-Evaluate and Re-Commit

I asked myself; why did I set the goals that I did? Are they still the goals I want to work toward? What can I do different to ensure that I am successful?

I acknowledged that I needed a bit of down time, but that I am still committed to my goals and mentally all in again. Just because I missed a few days doesn’t mean the journey isn’t worth it or that what I’m trying to accomplish is “too hard” or “too much”. It’s up to me to decide – do I want it? YES! I do.

I did keep up with my food journaling even though I had to write down a few less than healthy meals, snacks and beers.

I realized from this “set-back” that I need to make sure I have rest days built into my week and that I leave room for impromptu invitations of all kinds. When I go out, I need to make mindful choices that match my goals and my lifestyle. It’s silly for me to think that I need to compromise what I am working towards in my fun time too.

Half-Way Mark

This week we are mid-way through our BRIK session. This first part of the week we can check-in on measurements (the old me wouldn’t have checked). I made my goals public, so I knew I had to find out where I was and if I needed to re-evaluate my goals based on reality.

I thought I knew what this check-in would reveal – that my weekend had wrecked my goals. What I learned was that I was exactly where I started 3 weeks ago. I had imagined a worse scenario. I can live with this minor set-back and keep moving forward toward the health goals I’ve set. Meeting the truth head on helped me realize that what I had imagined as HUGE digressions really aren’t that big of a deal – just get back on track!

Later this week we will do a fitness self-assessment to compare with week 1 results. I’m looking forward to finding out how I’ll do!


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3 thoughts on “Setbacks

  1. Beth Wallingford

    Proud of you for being so open about what your goals are and how they aren’t always as easy to obtain as we’d like to think they are. Sweet that you didnt gain!!!! Your maintaining!!! Pat yourself on the back for that.


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