Week 5 Results

Final week of BRIK

This coming week is week 6 and the final week of BRIK. During last week (week 5) we had our final fit test.

My goal was to beat my week 3 fitness assessment results. I beat all my previous results except for jump rope; I did the same amount – 175 jumps in 1 minute.  I was happy with my results considering I had been out of town for 5 days during week 4.

As we come into this, the final week, my real goal now is maintenance. How can I best maintain my fitness level and keep the winter weight from creeping on?

I have learned from my food journaling that sticking with my plant-based diet is one of the main keys for me to reach that goal.  I am considering joining Forks Over Knives meal planning service to help keep me motivated with new recipes. In the meantime, there really is plenty of resources on the internet and here are a few that we enjoyed.

Last Week’s Winning Recipes

These recipes turned out tasty and were fairly easy and made enough for leftovers!

Stick with me through week 6 of BRIK and the next 10 weeks to see if I can finally crack the code for maintaining my progress.

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