Goals, Revisited

I’ve been working on my goals and goal setting but I still feel like I’m spinning my wheels. Maybe I’m not seeing the forest for the trees?

I have that jellyfish feeling again – just floating through life wherever the current takes me. I don’t want to fritter my time, I want to be out there experiencing this big, wide world while making a difference in said world.

I’ve surrounded myself with the stories of others who have either had a life changing event or have cast aside the normal, the what you’re supposed to do, and made that leap into the unknown and it’s been their best move no matter the outcome.

It hit me – I am chasing the same things that I have done before. I promised myself, when I was recovering from my stroke, that I was going to new things, DIFFERENT things. I am lucky enough to have a second chance and I don’t want to waste it.

I’m finding myself unable to prioritize the possibilities I was exploring while I was in recovery mode.  I’m beginning to think I didn’t see that phase of my life through.

Then, I had a thought –

Maybe I’ve been setting the wrong goals for what I am trying to achieve?  For example, I don’t have any trouble showing up for a workout so why would I set the goal of X number of workouts/week? Instead I need to focus on the components that I DO have trouble doing but are a piece of my overall goal. AH-HA!

To that end I’ve created a set of goals tackling the nitty-gritty  parts of reaching my goals and living the life I want for myself.

I need to remind myself daily that I am in complete control of my day and seizing every one of its precious minutes. I WILL become the master of my journey! Interestingly, this showed up in my feed this morning:





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