And the Plan Goes On…

La de da de de, la de da de da

(to the tune of The Beat Goes On by Sonny and Cher, an ultimate classic)

I have been in planning mode! One of my goals for the year is to get back out on the road adventuring. I spent a good chunk of 2017 out and about and then hardly any time out in 2018. I realized that traveling and experiences, even a day trip or a visit to a new (to me) part of town, are a part of who I am and I need these excursions, big and small in my life.

Snowshoeing at Bogus Basin

January adventures are centered around finding the joy in winter and getting out and about in Boise. This means snowshoeing at Bogus Basin and Idaho City, a film showing and then escaping the Boise winter to check out Sedona and the Grand Canyon at the end of the month. I’ve never been to Arizona and I am stoked! I was even able to book a room in the National Park AND a mule ride a la The Brady Bunch – apparently the Brady’s made quite the impression on me as a kid.

After seeing what winter in Arizona looks like, February firmly embraces winter with a trip to Bend, OR and Mt Bachelor for snowboarding and snowshoeing. March finds me on the other side of the country in Virginia visiting family and heading up for a visit to Front Royal to see friends and hopefully hike. April showers will bring me to the shores of Lake Tahoe for a fitness conference and some exploring on my own.

Additional excursions will include visits to Portland, my annual hiking trip and a family trip to Kona in September.

Photography 101

Another goal, that compliments my traveling spirit, is to get my Nikon out and practice what I’ve learned in photography class. Taking photos with my “real” camera means making the time for camera outings, slowing down, being deliberate on my timing and just plain old practice, practice and more practice of the skills I’ve learned and want to master.

2 thoughts on “And the Plan Goes On…

  1. Weatherly

    I hope this couch potato gets to see her most adventurous friend come March! And I have an 18-year-old here who would be happy to join you on a good hike if you need company. 🙂
    Love reading your posts full of inspiration and good info.


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