Traveling without Single-Use Plastic

Plastic Free July Edition

At home, here in Boise, I work hard to reduce our plastic foot-print. I’ve cut out most of our single-use plastic; the next challenge is keeping the same habits when traveling.

Road Tripping

A road trip is way easier to ensure we are not succumbing to the siren sound of convenience. For our travels to Bend, Portland and throughout Idaho and beyond I do a bit of prep work ahead of time to make sure we have utensils, snacks, re-usable coffee/tea cups and our Hydro-Flasks for water.

We typically rent a VRBO with a full kitchen so, before hitting the road, I prepare a couple of meals and snacks at home. I also will bring ingredients for a few other meals. I try to make meals that can double for breakfast or lunch. Usual suspects include: butternut squash risotto, chili or soup, muffins and bread for peanut butter/walnut butter sandwiches, fruit, granola, hummus and cut up veggies.


Flying takes a bit more resolve. It helps that it has become easier to move through security with some food items. I pack my water bottle (empty) you can fill up at the water fountain/bottle re-filling stations in most airports and the flight attendants will give you a partial refill as well. I usually make and bring a walnut/peanut/almond butter sandwich, crunchy snack and an apple. I also pack a cloth napkin, stainless straw and a set of utensils. I am much happier not having to eat the expensive, unhealthy airport food.

It DOES take some planning and effort, but in the end it makes traveling easier and a bit greener. (Yes, I know that traveling has a HUGE carbon footprint but let’s start with the easier to grasp single use plastic issue).

Tips & Resources

A great resource for getting started is

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