Welcome 2023!

A popular activity this time of year is reflecting on the past year and planning for the shiny, new one.

For me, I am fully present in THIS minute and THIS day. Enjoying and making the most of what I am doing right now.

I am fully present writing right now. Working my rusty creativity muscle and enjoying the words that are flowing out onto the screen as I type. Is it perfect or full of wisdom? Nope, but that finally doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that it is something that I want to be doing and that I want to work on. I understand it’s a process and I’m a beginner learning my way around. I don’t have any expectations and I’m willing to fail (and learn new things). 😃

To get to this moment in my life the past year has been full of self-discovery, milestones, adventures, good times, bad times, sad times, moments of letting go and moments of understanding. I get it. NOW is the time to live authentically – it’s all I’ve got. Time to show up as myself fully and unapologetically and do the things that I want to do, that bring me joy and purpose. The hell with what anyone else thinks. The hell with the supposed to’s, the shoulds and the could’ve.

I’m choosing to spend my time being. I’m letting go of the guilt and the pressure about who or what I’m supposed to be (or not be).

Let’s do this!

Thanks 2022!


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