What if…

What if I let go of my should’ves, could’ves, supposed tos, and all the mental garbage that comes with thinking that we are not enough and have to do things a certain way or because we’ve always done it that way or because everyone else is doing it. What if I trusted myself. What if I did things that I want to do now at this age, in this body, in this situation?

What if…I put myself and my needs first?

What if… I set boundaries?

What if… I actually take actions to reach my goals?

What if… I do the things that bring me joy and allows my spirit to soar?

What if…I pay attention to my health and what my body needs (and doesn’t)?

What if… I quit thinking about what others are doing, thinking, wearing, watching, eating, etc?

What if…I let go and just be?

I am committing to spending the next 60 days. Living my life this way. From today, April 8th until June 7th I will practice getting out of my way and allowing everything (and everyone) to just be.

I will use my blog as my accountability partner and check-in regularly with my progress; how it’s working, how it’s not and all the sticky parts along the way! 😃

Play along and check back in on my journey!

Day 1 enjoying some sunshine and warmth before heading out for my day.

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