It IS all about the Journey

It isn’t just a catchy marketing hook! Life is all about the journey.

My what if journey has prompted me to look back at all the ups, downs and in betweens that have made up my life so far. I know that without my lowest lows I wouldn’t be who I am today. I am very much a work in progress and excited to continue evolving. Next up! What if I have boundaries?

My what if journey has deposited me on the doorstep of boundaries. I’ve learned that I don’t have many and that they come in internal and external form.

Internal boundaries are the ones where I take care of MYSELF. The things I have agency over within my body, mind and heart. This would be my diet and health – such as eating healthy for my body type and age. Getting enough (and the right kind) of exercise and rest. Paying attention to what information I take-in (no doom scrolling), not taking on others’ emotions and staying aligned with my beliefs.

External Boundaries are the ones that direct how I interact and relate to people, places and things outside of me (where I stop and others start). They include things like caring for my home and work environments, how I spend my time, where and with whom I go places and do things with, not over-sharing personal information and respecting others boundaries.

What I’ve learned so far is that boundaries sound wonderful and I DEFINITELY want them (and need them)! I will delve deeper into this what if – I have barely scratched the surface and I’m jumping in feet first!

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