I Got a Job!

After much searching and plenty of “no’s” I landed a job! I am the new Wildlife Ranger Club Program Coordinator for Zoo Boise. The Zoo wants to engage visitors in citizen science and wildlife conservation projects through this program. It is a part-time job and  am planning on keeping my blog going and this may even finally give me  direction for this blog!

Zoo Boise does an excellent job with their conservation messaging. They are an AZA accredited zoo and participate in the Species Survival Plan Programs. I am beyond excited about the endless opportunities to engage visitors in science and conservation! One focus will be Zoo Boise’s partnership with Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique. I believe we will be expanding the program to also include local projects here in the Treasure Valley and Idaho.

In the mean time after nearly 2 weeks of graduation preparation, graduation and fun visitors I am recovered and getting reorganized here at the house. With me starting my job and Miss Herbivore starting a full time job next week I’m going to need to up my game. Meal planning and prep will be my focus this week.

Here’s what’s on tap so far for the week:

Photos that sum up part of the week.


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