and onto the Next 50

This week we celebrated the high school graduation of Miss Herbivore. She will be off to Portland State in September. I will be left with a lot more time on my hands. What do I want to do with this time?  I know that I want to accomplish, explore and experience 50 (or more) things I haven’t  in the next 50 years of my life. Obviously, being overly optimistic is checked off the list 😉

Who and what do I want to be “when I grow up”? The age old question still haunts me today. While I have had many adventures and successes I’m still searching for that thing that I am so completely, over the moon passionate about. I care deeply about many issues but for some reason since the move back to Idaho I haven’t been able to settle onto the one thing that really stokes my fires. Maybe it’s just a matter of not giving credibility to something that I’m already involved with.? Maybe it’s ignoring those couple of ideas that keep floating to the top of my consciousness?

I have been listening to a lot of podcasts and reading and I know that a passion can evolve from some of the mundane things we have to do in our day to day lives. Case in point, I  enjoy cooking (most days) and I feel like I am obsessed with it. But, I don’t know that I am passionate about it. I love all things outdoors, environmental, and animals. I believe I’m passionate about stroke awareness and health and I am passionate about my little family and their successes. There is something there I just know it!

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Maybe it boils down to being a more active and engaged participant in all things in my life? Living my day to day with appreciation and wonder and when the opportunity comes to speak up , I do. When the opportunity comes to learn something new, I do. When the opportunity comes up to explore, I do. Maybe this has been the secret all along? I’ve always had the power I just need to use it.

Lots of maybes (and possibilities) in this post!

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