The Diet Connection & Stroke Prevention

This Week’s Plant-Based Delicious-ness AKA Eating Well to Reduce My Stroke Risk

Post stroke I definitely want to stay on the healthier side of my diet.  That was definitely my main motivation for evolving to a primarily plant-based diet. That, and Miss Herbivore, our teenage daughter, who went vegan. The more I researched this lifestyle the more it makes sense to me. (Mr. Fantastic is not a 100% on board).

After my stroke, I did lose my taste for red meat and that’s ok with me. I still enjoy fish on occasion and I have been know to dabble in fried chicken.

My dietary choices can help me manage my stroke risks by lowering my cholesterol, blood pressure and helping me try to maintain a healthy weight. Here are a few resources if you are interested:

My culinary adventures this week include a variety of international flavors and a bonus cucumber vodka soda!

If a plant-based lifestyle interests you – for  health (or ethical) reasons – but you don’t want to jump in with both feet that’s ok. I made the changed gradually over about 9 months. Change can be overwhelming and I’ve been the most successful with small incremental changes. Do what works for you!

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