Get Moving To Help Prevent Stroke

One way to help reduce your risk of stroke is to get regular exercise.

This is one thing I don’t have any trouble with. I like a good workout, I enjoy going to a fitness class and meeting people, I have dogs that need walks, I love to hike and to be outside….you get the picture.

Since physically active individuals have a 25% – 30% lower risk of stroke than less active individuals, the National Stroke Association invites you to join us this May for the Steps to Stop Stroke step challenge.

Reduce your risk for stroke during National Stroke Awareness Month  and get your chance at winning some great prizes!

Click on the link below to register and start tracking your steps!

National Stroke Awareness Month – Get Active

After my stroke, I have had some fear about having a 2nd stroke, and that extreme exertion could bring it on. So, I am learning to modify and realizing that I don’t need to keep up with the 20 and 30 somethings. I am finding I can get good benefits being active at home and moderating my workouts.

The key to being active? Just move! Do something you enjoy. Don’t know what you enjoy? Check out your local adult education or parks and recreation classes. They usually offer an array of options and would be a shorter commitment than joining a gym and you could try out new things. Remember what you liked to do as a kid? Get up and do it again.

Don’t want to leave your house? Here are some ideas:

  • Taking up gardening
  • Playing with your kids or pets
  • Dancing in your kitchen or living room (just turn on your favorite music and move)
  • Look for exercise videos on your streaming service (Amazon Prime has quite a few, Netflix has lots of documentaries to help get you motivated)
  • Clean your space, car etc

Some tips for success:

Me & and friend finishing the Tater Dash Mud Run
  • Determine what your goal is and make it specific (ex. to go for a 20 min walk 3 evenings per week for one month)
  • Set a realistic timeline for you to accomplish your goal(s)
  • Use a journal or app to track your progress
  • Share your goals and why you want to be more active. You might inspire someone else to get active and the accountability factor is big.
  • Encourage your partner, friend, family member, co-worker to move with you.
  • Check in with your healthcare provider

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