Positive Attitude for the Win!

Today, I was determined to keep my newly defined guidelines front and center and be focused today. No negative thoughts, complaints or judgements.

Having a positive attitude wins the day!

While my day is not over yet, being more aware has made a difference. It does seem to simply boil down to attitude. Throughout my day, I made sure that I approached my work and to-do list with gusto or at least a positive attitude and the just get it done mantra in my head. The result has been a more productive day with less procrastinating on my part!

I ran across this article 21 Ways to Create and Maintain a Positive Attitude, by Marelisa Fábrega, owner of Daring to Live Fully, that confirms what I am learning on my venture.

A positive attitude makes you happier and more resilient, it improves your relationships, and it even increases your chances of success in any endeavor. – Marelisea Fábrega

Her article about the 5 Second Rule is relatable as well and I am going to give this tactic a try.

Host Shankar Venantam, of Hidden Brain tells of an old economics theory — You should always be willing to hear information about your finances or your health.

Listening to this week’s episode of  Hidden Brain You 2.0: The Ostrich Effect reminded me that I prefer to tackle problems head on and that I have been exhibiting ostrich behavior (with a touch of PTSD) which is only serving to increase my anxiety. I’m officially tackling the health issues and questions that have been nagging me off and on since my stroke. I don’t want to lose the good health I  have because I didn’t want to hear what the doctor might tell me. (I know I can make  up far worse scenarios in my head then what a doctor can tell me)!

That was a powerful message and I heard it loud and clear today. I’ve got a list of calls to make in the morning and I’m headed to a support group later this month.

It is empowering (and giving my purpose) checking things of my list that have been hanging over my head for weeks, months and years!


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