I Get To…..

Today, I get to do many things. I get to go workout, go to work, go to the grocery store, walk my dogs. The list of all the things I get to do makes me feel good. Even the things that I don’t particularly like to do – I’m not a big fan of grocery shopping.

Phrasing my to-do list with “I get to” reminds me that I am the one in control not my overwhelming list of things. I am healthy, I am happy, things are going well and that I could even do more if that’s what I choose.

It’s a simple switch of vocabulary but it can have a HUGE impact. Instead of saying “I have to”do something I flip it to “I get to” do it. It makes a difference for me and it even makes the grocery store seem a bit more like an excursion into a world where I am lucky enough to be choosing and purchasing the ingredients  to the plant-based meals I am planning for the week.

Here are a couple of links to articles that I found helpful.

Now, I get to go to my workout then I get to go to work!

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