The I “get to”, Results

I spent yesterday testing out flipping my vocabulary from “I have to” to “I get to”. For me that little switch was a game changer. I felt lighter and happier in everything I did. A bonus was that it made me want to keep checking things off my to-do list.

During this experiment as I “got to” workout, it hit me how important my workout tribe is to “Jennifer” and all that I am.


Kaia Fit Boise is not just another exercise program: Kaia is a sport in which every woman is an athlete and every woman makes the team. Our studio has a real sisterhood vibe…
  Kaia Fit Boise

I joined Kaia Fit Boise with a former co-worker almost 4 years ago.

Beautiful smiles, beautiful people, beautiful tribe

The workouts, which fall in the functional fitness category, are tough and varied but you never do the same workout twice. Bonus, I feel strong and I get results! I must say that camaraderie and accountability, is really what keeps me coming back to my workouts and to sticking with my Kaia Tribe.

Through Kaia I have met the most amazing and inspirational women! I am inspired by the hard work, dedication and kindness of these women.  These women didn’t blink an eye when we needed help when I had my stroke. They mobilized and some sat with me at the hospital to give Mr. Fantastic  a break, one Kaia girl stayed with Miss Herbivore for a couple of nights when things were uncertain, we had meals for weeks and many other offers of help and kindness that were so appreciated!  I didn’t know I had people until I needed them and I will never forget their kindness and generosity.

As I discovered over the past weekend (read my Eureka! post) that being healthy and fit are not just a hobby for me but a core part of who I am. My ah-ha! moment came to me again during my workout. As I toughed it out with my tribe – we laughed, sweated and grimaced but we made it through – it allowed me to acknowledge that working out, exercise and eating healthy is a part of who I am and at least a bit of my purpose is to make sure I am moving and eating healthy every day.



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