Welcome 2019!

I survived the holidays and my holiday challenge! Now back to my regularly scheduled routines and goals.

I don’t do resolutions but I do have new goals for myself for this shiny, new year. Here are four main areas that are my focus:

  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Adventures

Those are my 30,000 foot view goals. I have broken each of these into specific, smaller achievable bits that I will evaluate every month and adjust accordingly and I will use Thisfantasticlife.com to share my experiences, recipes, photos and to keep me accountable. Below are the highlights from my goals.

Relationship Goals

I feel like many of my relationships, including with Mr. Fantastic and Miss Herbivore, are on autopilot. Nothing horrible here but not entirely satisfying either. I will improve and expand my relationships working on communication and by spending more quality time together.

I want to improve my communication with my family and friends. I can do this by being more mindful of different styles of communication. I will engage in direct, honest and proactive communication.

I will schedule a monthly date-date night with Mr. Fantastic along with a monthly “try something new and out of our comfort zone” activity that we take turns choosing. First, I will schedule time for us to talk about this and get his buy-in on the goal too!

I will coordinate a new potluck/happy hour group quarterly. I will base it on the season – eat seasonally, shop locally. I will schedule day trips with friends, at least one every 3 months.

I will continue to empower Miss Herbivore and I will send monthly care packages to her at college.


I will maintain and finesse my health and fitness into 2019.

I am kicking off January with a month of completely vegan eating – not just plant-based – but full on vegan. I will compliment this with Kaia FIT’s 6 week BRIK session. I am also taking a 6 week Bhakti Yoga class.


First, I will create a household budget to work from; I will re-evaluate it every 90 days. Part of my finance goal includes de-cluttering and simplifying. I will go through and start getting rid of the extra “stuff” that is laying around our house. I will sell, donate and recycle all that I can. This will allow me to take inventory and keep me from purchasing duplicates or things we do not even need.

I will shop smarter for the things we do need. I will shop second hand for the odds and end we may need in the kitchen and around the house and yard.

I will take the time and energy to research, invest and work on growing our nest egg.

Adventures and Creativity

I’ve already got four adventures booked – one each month Jan – Apr. I learned I must have this in my life to make me happy and healthy! I love getting out doing, seeing and experiencing new things.

This year I’m also going to master my digital camera and my DIY projects!

Looking Forward

I’m looking forward to a year of simplifying, adventuring and enjoying my life and the people in it!

Cheers to great year!!!

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