Goals 11 – 17 Feb

Yesterday I re-committed to my goals and getting myself organized for this coming week. I just finished reading Mirna Valerio’s, A Beautiful Work In Progress. Her book is so inspiring and down to earth — I too aspire to be “the human being that I am meant to be”.

My motivation for this week courtesy of The Mirnavator’s wise words:

Lean into the discomfort.

….embrace what is difficult so that you may progress. Welcome what makes you frightened and what makes your heart rate rise. Greet that sense of uncertainty into your life so that you may explore yourself more deeply.

Mirna Valerio, A Beautiful Work In Progress

Mediating and yoga this morning set my day up for success! I got my hike in, one workout and am heading to flow at 4:00.

My goals for this week are:

  • Go to 4 Kaia workouts;
  • 2 Bhakti flow classes;
  • Walk/hike 5 miles at least 5 days this week (Mon – Sun);
  • Eat 100% plant based;
  • Organize and schedule work;
  • Sell our coffee table, end table, grill;
  • Donate eyeglasses, bike and the other odds and ends that have made it to my donate pile.

How do you keep yourself on track and accountable? Comment below with what motivates you.

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