Road Trip Diaries: Vol II

Mother’s Day Edition

Miss Herbivore is away at college (I received a lovely card from her) so it was up to Mr. Fantastic and I to have an adventure on our own.

After a delicious lunch that Mr. Fantastic picked up from the Lemon Tree (I had the vegan Massaman Curry Bhan Mi — it was so good)! I packed us a big, Italian salad and water and we hit the road. The forecast was for hot and sunny so we opted to check out the waterfalls at Thousand Springs State Park instead of heading out for a desert hike.

Niagara Springs

Turns out that Thousand Springs State Park, located in southern Idaho, is a bunch of smaller state parks. We started with Niagara Springs heading 350 feet down into a canyon. Once at the bottom we were greeted by the Snake River, a fish hatchery and the springs. The springs are just popping right out of the ground. Their waters are spectacularly clear. A mile further down the dirt road is Crystal Springs Lake – based on all the people fishing it must be a good spot.

Box Canyon Springs, 11th largest springs in the US

Next, we drove up to Box Canyon Springs Nature Preserve. We found ourselves overlooking “the nation’s 11th largest springs” and some of the bluest water I’ve ever seen in the US. Apparently, there is a trail down to the springs but we missed it – there was a large group of people (with kids) down there.

The springs at Ritter Island

Since we were in the area we also stopped at Ritter Island. Heading down another canyon to the Snake River (and passed all the Idaho Power infrastructure) you will be able to take in the two impressive springs, a beautiful park area with picnic tables and a few trails. We were not able to go onto the island because it is only open Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Malad Gorge with I-84 in the background

Last stop was Malad Gorge and our picnic dinner. This park is literally located just off I-84. The gorge is breath-taking. We had our picnic dinner here and since it was starting to get late we only stopped at one overlook. The site says there are hiking trails and a foot bridge that is over the gorge (I would have been up for that)!

It was a fun afternoon traveling through some of the agricultural land of Southern Idaho to discover these gems. There is more exploring to do in these parks then we had time for that day!

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