Road Trip Diaries Vol III

Wild Horse Release

Marsing, ID — Last week, I was lucky enough to witness the release of 14 wild horses back into the wild.

These horses had been rounded up during the Soda Fire. The Soda Fire burned nearly 280,000 acres in Southwest Idaho in 2015. This fire not only devastated the land but also the wildlife and livestock that call this area home.

The BLM rounded up 279 of the wild horses from the fire stricken area and brought them to the Boise Corrals. While there they were assessed and given treatment, if needed. Some of these wild horses have been adopted out and the rest are being re-released back into the Herd Management Areas when the land has recovered enough to support them.

That Magic Moment

There was a healthy crowd of about 250 that were privileged to witness the magical moment when these beauties were released back into the rugged land they call home.

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