Resolve (n) is defined as a firm or strong determination to do something.

After 3 months of being off my regular day to day routine I find myself wanting to drop a few unwanted pounds I picked up, increase my cardio and tone back up. I am trying not to beat myself up for what amounts to simply enjoying life, traveling and the holidays. I want to be more aware and in control of my triggers and not let travel and special occasions derail my fundamental truths.

Ultimately, I do know what habits I need to refine; I know when I am straight up kidding myself; and I need to recognize and let go of habits no longer serving me.

This month as I get back on track I am resolved to:

  • Ditch the processed foods
  • Cook whole fresh, plant-based
  • Move/workout 5-6 days each week; schedule at least one rest day (this can be yoga, hiking, going to the gym etc)
  • Be actively engaged in my yoga teaching and volunteering
  • Plan and schedule 2020 trips
  • Try out 2 new yoga studios
  • Reconnect with my photography and blogging

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