Recommitting – Again

I took a moment last evening to check in with the goals I set for myself in January. I recognized that I have been over busy and unfocused allowing a slow, steady slide away from the who, what and where I want to be. The good news is that I recognized it and I am taking action to get back on track.

Something I have been working towards for a year and half came to fruition in February but I have not been able to give it the attention it deserves and now I am concerned that I will have lost the chance at creating something that could benefit others while I have let myself be pulled in too many directions – doing many things ok but mastering none of them and doing a disservice to myself and all involved.

As I looked back at my goals and considered the opportunity that came to me and how I’ve handled it I realize I want to re-focus and re-commit to those things I identified. Re-visiting these goals made me stop and realize how much I want to see THIS opportunity though and build my vision!

I try to be gentle with myself when I recognize I’m not doing the things that are important to me and I start doing them again. I don’t let the negative self-talk take over. I simply keep trying to be that person I want to be.

What does getting back on track look like for me?

For me it’s –

  • Regular workouts – including yoga and Qigong,
  • Making a list either the evening before or in the morning – lists for me give me focus but I am not so tied to checking things off that if a task doesn’t get “done” I happily move it to another day or decide that particular item isn’t a priority after all.
  • Meditating
  • Getting outside
  • Creative time – blog, photography, cooking
Every day is the right time to start!

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