Stay Safe and Be Kind!

I am embracing a new normal as we begin to navigate post-quarantine. I don’t want to return to the way things were. I also understand that the pandemic and quarantine has been devastating for many.

I am beyond grateful that we are home, food and job secure. We have supported local businesses and organizations before the pandemic and will continue to do so as we all move forward.

I am saddened over the deep divides that seem to only be deepening between my fellow humans. I believe it’s time to look forward, innovate, create and learn to compromise again!

On that note, I found this Hidden Brain podcast from Feb 10th worth a re-listen and a share Passion Isn’t Enough: The Rise of ‘Political Hobbyism’ in the United States

One thought on “Stay Safe and Be Kind!

  1. Debbie Griffith

    There is a title 9 green bag at kaia with 2 mason jars in it that are yours! Slowly coming back to kaia, need people!! Thanks again for soup, arm good, just need to strengthen it!!

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