Below is the paper I turned in (yes, we write papers, read and work on ourselves) after the first four months of my Ayurvedic journey and being a part of the Ayurvedic Woman Program.

That first Friday evening we sat in a circle, mostly strangers. Each of us on a different journey for different reasons. I decided to be a part of this year long Ayurvedic Woman Program for several reasons. One being I was feeling stuck and like a jellyfish (just going with the currant without direction or purpose). Another being I want to take control of my health.

As we began our Ayurvedic journey together we sat across from one another and asked “who are you”? This marked the beginning of uncovering that mysterious and somewhat illusive (at least to some) question of “who am I? and what is my purpose?” This may have been the first, but not the last time, we were asked this question. It turns out this is a complicated question with many nuances.

In addition to our once a month intensive weekends together, January through April’s work included reading The Prime by Kulreet Chaudhary, MD and The Ayurvedic Woman, The Essential Guide for Wellness in All Phase of Womanhood by Dipika Delmenico. 

Chaudhary, a neurologist discovered that combining her Ayurvedic training with her western medical training that you can “rebalance your system to reduce inflammation, purge biochemical junk, restore a healthier mix of gut bacteria, repair digestion, and correct the biochemical processes”.  Chandlery states “the purpose of The Prime:  [is] to prime your body and brain to function at the peak of health and wellness”. Who doesn’t want that?  

Chaudhary introduces you to The Prime in Parts One and Two with background of her own health and her patients experiences. Next, she focuses on the science behind it and then breaks it down into four stages. Each stage builds upon the other. Stage 1 begins to clear out toxins or ama (physical and mental) allowing for the colon and lymphatic system to work efficiently. Stage 2 targets cravings and addictive foods. Stage 3 goes deeper and ignites your digestive fire or agni. Stage 4 is about “hacking your lifestyle” by forming new habits (like eating your largest meal at lunch).

Currently, I am still in phase 2. Taking my time allowing myself to make connections (and mistakes) and understand my body’s needs to reach my health goals. Following the Prime (even loosely) I am able (and want) to make better choices for my body that:

  • Fuels my body properly 
  • Keeps my brain sharp
  • Gives me energy all day long 
  • Keeps my immunity up and
  • Helps me manage my other health concerns

With The Prime I didn’t have to start eating new foods, I didn’t have to give up eating anything I didn’t want to. What I did do was add in some herbal supplements at bedtime (triphala, phase 1) and after breakfast (ashwagnda and brahmi, phase 2). 

My day starts with a routine. I scrape my tongue, brush my teeth, wash my face, drink a glass of water, then onto yoga, weights and meditation followed by either breakfast or a hike. I dry brush my skin before my shower then I start drinking Prime Tea throughout my morning and early afternoon. My meals are mostly homemade and full of organic vegetables and whole grains (either quinoa, millet or wild rice). I am still overcoming some bad habits, working on creating afternoon and evening routines and being honest with myself. I am learning to recognize my triggers and work with them instead of being overcome by them.

The Ayurvedic Woman by Dipika Delmenico, is full of wisdom for all stages of life and when I pick it up to read it reminds me to embrace my feminine essence and that I am infinite, eternal and whole RIGHT NOW.

This book is a wonderful companion to The Prime and a starting point for a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Delmenico compels us women to take our feminine essence seriously and step into our power so our sisters, daughters, nieces, granddaughters, (every woman) can also step into theirs.

I started this Ayurvedic journey slightly jaded and unsure that I would learn anything new but I was determined to have an open mind and participate as fully as possible. After these first months of the program I am awed by the amazing women also on this journey, they are giving me the strength and motivation to look at myself, and do the hard work needed so that I too, can step into my power and begin to live my best life.

I am looking forward to continuing The Prime, letting go of the things that no longer serve me and allowing space for the things that I have no idea yet that are coming my way as I continue my Ayurvedic journey. 

Want to learn more? Ready to be an Ayurvedic Woman and Woman Warrior? You can dip your toes in with the Ayurveda 108 program that begins, June 21, 2022. Join us and start living your best life!

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