Who is an Ayurvedic Woman?

An Ayurvedic Woman is a woman who is ready to take control of her health.

An Ayurvedic Woman is a woman who is ready to take control of her life.

An Ayurvedic Woman is a woman who is ready to step into and own her feminine power.

She is a woman who is not going to hide behind the ‘shoulds’ and ‘coulds’ or even the ‘supposed tos’. She is comfortable in her own skin. She stands up for who she is and what she believes in. She supports other women no matter what.

My journey began in January along with eleven incredible women. I went into the program with an open mind but also thinking that I have already taken the wheel on a good portion of my life. 😂 Well, let me tell you I am uncovering things that I am indeed hiding behind. I didn’t realize that these layers are layers that I have honed for years. These layers are there for a reason, right? As I recognize each layer I am working on understanding what I think it’s purpose may be and how to let go and move on.

I’m at the beginning of this journey and discovering one of my layers is that I have been minimizing myself. Minimizing myself to not create waves, cause a ruckus or to not stand up for myself to avoid confrontation or whatever other reason I tell myself.

Once you see these things you can’t unsee them. I am compelled to own each of these layers and then shed them as I let go and move forward on this highly personal journey.

If you are interested in learning more about the Ayurvedic Woman Program please visit SatyavaniRising.com and read more about this amazing program for yourself!

The Ayurvedic Woman 2022 class at a strength training class together.

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