“What if”- Days 6 – 9

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride this week. There’s been highs, lows and light bulb moments. Then there was Friday.

Friday, day 7

Started out (briefly) on the right note but I drifted back into chasing distractions and not listening to my body. I DID recognize that I was chasing distractions but I seemed incapable of stopping myself. The more I chased the more I spun myself up physically and mentally.

First, my body was physically tired and I insisted on pushing it through a yoga and weight session. Mid-way through my session I allowed myself to get distracted by a text then started chasing answers, which led to checking emails and answering them.

I thought getting outdoors would help me to reset. Not so much. I was hungry, so before heading out I made myself some breakfast. Then ignoring the signals my body was sending me I headed out and walked on. I felt worse by the time I made it home.

To add to this day my mental blocks on meal planning and grocery shopping meant there were not many options to feed my body what she needed. She needed some nutrition not the short term easy solutions I grabbed.

Mentally, I let the stories I tell myself and the ones I make-up about what other people are thinking about me run wild. None of those are positive or helpful. Plus, what other people think of me is none of my business anyway! I did call a friend who let me vent, told me it was ok and encouraged me to listen to my body.

Day 8, Transition

I knew I needed to let a bad day be just a day that was in the past. There was a new day filled with 1,440 minutes to do what was right and waiting for me. Realizing the previous 6 days had showed me a better way to be. I consciously made day 8 a transition day where I “gently” plugged back in and shifted my mindsets without beating myself up about less than perfect choices the day before.

Day 9 Dawned

I was ready to hop out of bed and hit the trail! I got a 6-mile hike in first thing. My energy level was up and I made a list of what I wanted to do and what I needed to do for that day. Major win for the day was I didn’t let my FOMO make a decision for me.

These first days have showed me there is a better way to consistently show up for myself (and others). I experienced good energy and positive thoughts. I also experienced the opposite. Both things are ok and necessary. I learned to pay attention to what I need and have a plan for when I catch myself veering off track. By being prepared and knowing how I want to show up for myself will keep me moving forward while letting go of the habits and ways of being that no longer serve me.

Day 10 (Tomorrow) and Beyond

I’ll ask myself “what if” I pause when I feel myself either spinning out of control, making decisions and/or choices that do not support the changes I want to make. What if I start really listening, connecting to and trusting myself?

Read more about the work I’ve been doing that led me to my “what if” journey ➡️ here and ➡️ here.

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