Moving Right Along

Day 4

Was not a perfect ‘what if’ day…or maybe it was!

I hiked, I spent time with my family, I went out to dinner. And I felt good about the choices I made throughout my day.

I was aware that I have a choice. Do I always make the right choice for myself? Nope and I’m ok with that. But, I am becoming more aware of the choices that I have and that I am making in the moment.

Day 5

I knew I had some things on my calendar. I was prepared and looking forward to those things. An unexpected opportunity came up that I wanted to say yes to and I did.

The difference was that first I paused, took a breath and I thought about what and when I needed to do and then I made a conscious decision to say yes. I set a time later in the morning for the new opportunity allowing me to finish what I needed to take care.

That pause; taking just a few moments to think before I automatically said yes, let’s go! made a HUGE difference. Throughout my day if I caught myself being distracted, procrastinating or tempted to mindlessly scroll I asked myself what if I just got this done now instead? And that’s what I did. I finished whatever task it was that I needed to do. Completed my list. There was no rushing, stressing or being annoyed by a task or chore then putting it off by finding a distraction.

The result? I had plenty of time to DO and ENJOY the things I wanted to do. The big bonus I noticed? I was fully present in each of the things I was doing instead of letting my mind wander to what I might have forgotten to do or making a mental note (ha!) to do it at some later time.

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