Summer Reading

My Ayurvedic Woman Journey has led me to books that are helping me discover better health (The Prime) along with the kind of productivity that helps me reconnect with my passions, with joy, restores my natural balance and unearths my purpose.

This summer’s reading list has included:

Charlie Gilkey’s new book Start Finishing: How to go From Idea to Done. I first heard about this book when the author was interviewed on one of my favorite podcast’s Good Life Project (listen here.) This topic has tremendous appeal as I am great at starting things and/or having more ideas then are humanly possible to bring to life or to even prioritize for that matter.

A new favorite (and because I am a HUGE Foo Fighters fan) was The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music by Dave Grohl. Dave’s story could also be an example in Steven Cope’s The Great Work of Your Life. Dave knew what his dharma (life’s purpose)was and has been living it since he was a kid. Plus he seems to be incredibly grateful for every opportunity and every ounce of success he has had (more reasons to love him)!

Since it is summer (and though I am a nonfiction lover) I do like to spend some time emerged in fictional worlds. Summer hits for me have included:

  • The 10,000 Doors of January, Alix E. Harrow. This is a fantasy and while fantasy is not my preferred genre I throughly enjoyed my escape through the blue door.
  • The Southern Ladies Book Club Guide to Slaying Vampires, Grady Hendrix. Warning! This is a horror novel! Again, not my genre, there are some totally gruesome, cringe-worthy parts but the story line was interesting. And prompted me to make everyone in my house under the age of 25 watch one of my favorite 80’s movies – The Lost Boys 👍👍
  • My summer wouldn’t be complete without some Carl Hiaasen (absurd and funny set in FL)and Randy Wade White (mystery and set in FL).

Looking for other good reads? Here are a few of my all time favorites that I will re-read at any time:

  • The Secret Life of Bees
  • The $80 Champion
  • Running with Sherman
  • Running the Amazon
  • A Walk in the Hindu Kush
  • Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide

Happy reading my beautiful friends! 💙 Share your favorite reads in the comments!

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